On the occasion of Global Hand Washing day  on 15th October the importance of hygiene and hand washing was presented in a very unique way in Rosary Convent High School  Shamshad Nagar   Mumbra .To highlight the importance of clean hands in human health a large number of students and parents, Residence of the surrounding area learned the simple hand washing  principles. and took selfie of themselves with clean hands at the selfie point students and their parents actively participated in signing campaign on banner decorated with different slogans on cleanliness. A large number of students and parents actively participated in this cleanliness  awareness campaign under the guidance of principal Shadab Ahmed Usmani and Seemab Ahmed  Usmani all the students took responsibility to ensure personal and environmental cleanliness efforts of the school for the wellness related the cleanliness drive of the school was much appreciated  by students  Parents and other local residents.